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State management interview questions part 1

State management interview questions part 1

1.  What is State Management?

State management is a mechanism to preserve state (i.e. state of a webpage, a control or an object etc.) between subsequent requests to server from one or more clients. HTTP is a stateless protocol by nature reason state management required.

In ecommerce application how you can get current cart added product details or order details on confirmation page, simply solution is using state management.


2.  What are client based state management options?

The following list of state management options that involve storing information either in the page or on the client computer.

1. View state
2. Control state
3. Hidden fields
4. Cookies
5. Query strings

3.  What are server side state management options?

The following list of state managment is ways to maintain state information on the server.

1. Application state
2. Session state
3. Profile Properties

4.  What is the difference between Session.Clear() and Session.Abandon() in ASP.NET?

As we understand that Session is a Collection and it stores data as Key/Value pair. So,

 1. Session.Clear() clears all the session values but doesn't destroy the Session. however,
 2. Session.Abandon() destroys the session object.

In other words, Session.Clear() is like deleting all files inside a folder (say "Root") but Session.Abandon() means deleting the "Root" folder.

5.  Can we Enable/Disable ViewState?

Yes, you can enable disable ViewState with different levels

Control Level:

ViewState for a specific control can be enabled or disabled by setting EnableViewState property as follows:

aControl.EnableViewState = false;

Page Level :

We can enable/disable ViewState for a complete page as follows:

<%@ Page Language="C#" EnableViewState="false" %>

Application Level:

For whole application, we can enable/disable views in configuration file as follows:

  <pages enableViewState="false">

6.  What is stateless and statefull?


A stateless protocol is a communication protocol treats each request as independent transaction and not related to any previous requests.


A protocol which requires keeping of the internal state on the server is known as a statefull protocol.

7.   What is View state?

It is the mechanism or method that the ASP.NET page framework uses to preserve page and control values between round trips.

This provides a dictionary object for retaining values between multiple requests for the same page.
This is the default method that the page uses to preserve page and control property values between round trips.

8.   What is Control state?

The ControlState property allows you to persist property information that is specific to a control and cannot be turned off like the ViewState property.

9.   What is Hidden field?

Hidden field control is used to store information, which renders as a standard HTML hidden field. When a page is submitted to the server, the content of a hidden field is sent in the HTTP form collection along with the values of other controls.

10.  What is Cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data that is stored either in a text file on the client file system or in-memory in the client browser session. It contains site-specific information that the server sends to the client along with page output. Cookies can be temporary (with specific expiration times and dates) or persistent.

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