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How to completely remove borders (including rows and column) from HTML table?

I want to remove all borders from following table including table row and column borders also using css,

                 <table id="Student_summery">


                            <td><b>Roll number: </b>

                                <asp:Label ID="lblRollNumberInfo" runat="server"/></td>




                            <td><b>Student Name: </b>

                                <asp:Label ID="lblNameInfo" runat="server"/>




                            <td runat="server"><b>Teacher: </b>

                                <asp:Label ID="lblTeacherInfo" runat="server"/></td>





                            <td><b>Student Subjects: </b>

                                <asp:Label ID="lblSubjectsInfo" runat="server"/></td>




AngularJS json filter

What is AngularJS json filter?

AngularJS Json filter allows you to convert a JavaScript object into JSON string.

According to developer guide document json filter is mostly useful for debugging. When using the double curly notation the binding is automatically converted to JSON.


In HTML template

{{json_expression | json : spacing}}

In JavaScript


Parameter Value



Any JavaScript object (including arrays and primitive types) to filter.


Optional parameter, the number of spaces to use per indentation, defaults to 2.


    <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="EmployeeController">
        <!--json object -->
        <pre>{{Employee | json}}</pre>
        <!--json filter with spacing -->
        <p>{{Employee | json : 12}}</p>
        var app = angular.module('myApp', []);
        var dateOut = new Date('1985-04-05 12:08:15.773');
        app.controller('EmployeeController', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
            $scope.Employee = {
                id: 1,
                userName: 'sKendre;',
                name: 'Shourya Kendre',
                BirthDate: dateOut,
                Package: 52503.30,
                Designation: 'Team Leader',
                Payment: 700,
                Projects: [
                    { id: 1, name: 'E shop', TeamSize: 5, isActive: true },
                    { id: 2, name: 'Employee Notifier', TeamSize: 3, isActive: true },
                    { id: 3, name: 'CRM', TeamSize: 10, isActive: false }